Department Name:

FLSA Status:

Facilities Technician



Responsible for building and facilities maintenance including plumbing, electrical, light carpentry, HVAC, and other building equipment.

1. *Maintain familiarity with local building and fire codes. Interact with local building and fire officials as necessary.

2. *Work with outside vendors and contractors on major facilities projects.

3. *May train and assist lower level facilities employees

4. *Responsible for the operation of all equipment in the building. Listen for changes in equipment sounds, check bearing temperatures. Understand each system completely, flow path, control area, instrumentation and parameters. Know abilities and limits of equipment.

5. *Maintain readable, complete logs of department activities.

6. *Responsible for maintaining pumps, motors, compressors and fans in top running order.

7. Identify problems located during rounds.

8. *Ability to install plumbing with PVC, copper, butt weld polypro, and orbital weld stainless steel tubing and tread black iron as needed

9. *Must be able to run conduit and pull wire for new installations and equipment moves.

10. *Responsible for the installation and maintenance of exhaust fans and lines for industrial tools.

11. *Measure airflow and exhaust draft daily.

12. *Responsible for maintaining electronic controls on gas water heaters.

13. *Operate and maintain a “DI Water Plant”.

14. *Understand and operate all alarm systems.

15. *Responsible for maintaining safety standards. Use “Lock Out /Tag Out”, “Confined Entry Permit”, “Hot Work Permit” and “Personal Protective Equipment”.

16. *Paint, lay tile, build walls, hang sheet rock, tape and texture and relocate doors as necessary.

17. *Work on high platforms as necessary.

18. *Responsible for meeting the Company’s Quality Objectives as it relates to Company policy.

19. Performs other duties as required.

20. Understands facilities distribution systems and posses excellent troubleshooting skills.

21. Possess a thorough knowledge of clean room protocol and operation.

22. This position requires excellent communication skills, interdepartmental interface is a primary aspect and verbal as well as written skills are a must.

* Essential Functions
The above statements are intended only to describe the general nature of the job, and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of position responsibilities.

Education: Associates degree or trade degree in related field.

Job Related Experience: Three to five years job related experience. Must be able to follow established guidelines to accomplish tasks and solve routine problems using sound judgment and experience. Must understand “Industrial Waste Water Pretreatment”. Know the regulations, methods and allowable limits of constituents in the wastewater. Must know how to handle “Hazardous Chemicals” as required. HazMat training is required

Physical Requirements: May be required to lift heavy items or operate equipment. May be required to work periodically in hot weather.

Functional Area Skills/Knowledge: Knowledge base focused on job duties and the skills required to complete duties, with thorough knowledge of the organization in order to answer questions and a strong level of technical skills. Ability to operate equipment such as carpet cleaners, etc. Knowledge of minor/major facility maintenance (interior painting, lighting, plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc.) is required.