September 1st 2014, FCI relocated its Tempe Arizona Die Sales operation to its Phoenix Headquarters. All regulatory and QMS (ISO/TS 16949) protocols will remain in place as our customers have come to expect from FCI. Flipchip International remains committed to meeting our customers’ current and future business needs.


Complimenting FlipChip International’s world class Wafer Bumping & WLCSP capabilities, our WAFER BACK-END SERVICES are provided under the rigorous quality standards of ISO9001 / TS16949. FCI is also ISO 14001 certified. Supporting AUTOMOTIVE, COMMERCIAL, CONSUMER, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL, and MIL/AERO markets, FCI is expert with bumped & non-bumped wafers: ASIC and ASSP, Microcontrollers, Linear and Logic, Precision and Standard Analog, Memory, Power Discrete, optical and image sensors, Low K wafers, and MEMS devices, among others. Capacity exceeds 5 MILLION DIE per WEEK! Contact us for information on how we can help you with all your wafer, back-end and IC needs.

WAFER THINNING: Mechanical Back-grinding of finished wafers (DAF)
  • Meeting Total Thickness Variation (TTV) demands of various final target thicknesses
  • Grit options available for different surface roughness requirements: Polygrind available
  • Non-bumped & Bumped Wafers
BACKSIDE LAMINATE: Backside protective coating tapes and die attach films (DAF)
  • Void-free application of various thickness materials to wafer backside
WAFER LASER MARKING: Backside marking of wafer and individual die
  • Precise accuracy of identification marks with a variety of fonts and sizes
  • Marking of Logos, and special symbols
  • Excellent control of laser depth to maximize mark legibility and character recognition
WAFER DICING: Mechanical Sawing of finished wafers, substrates, and embedded die packages.
DISCO saws for 100mm, 150mm, 200mm & 300mm wafers; and laminate/flex panels.
  • Silicon, SiGe, Ceramic, BSG, Glass, GaAs, InP, SiC, Silicon-on-sapphire, Germanium.
  • Multi Project Wafers (MPW) or Zebra Masks are our specialty!
  • Narrow streets? No problem!
Exceptional process capabilities minimize yield loss from scratches, cracks, and chip-outs.
  • Standard low tack and UV releasable mounting tapes.
  • Large Library of saw blades to accommodate various thickness-to-exposure ratios.
  • Wafer cleanliness: Maintained with surfactant injected into the DI water system
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) controls are rigidly maintained, audible and visual alarms.
  • Bubblers inject CO2 into the DI water system.
  • Anti-static ionized work stations utilized.
  • Humidity-controlled work environment monitored and alarmed.
  • Operator grounding required, ESD precautions and procedures trained & followed.
WAFER / DIE INSPECTION: High Volume 100% Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI).
  • August NSX80 / NSX95PD optical inspection tools with electronic wafer map input and output.
  • In-pocket TTVision AOI: Industry-leading inspection of devices loaded in carrier tape.
  • World class defect sensitivity for Commercial, MIL-STD-883, & customer-specific criteria.
WAFER / DIE TRANSFER & PACK: Pick & Place (P&P) automated transfer equipment.
  • Muhlbauer and Laurier/Datacon High Speed Pick tools, with Die Inversion capability.
  • Precision pack of fragile die/sawn wafers. Die sort using wafer maps and/or ink dot recognition.
  • Bare Die Placement into Carrier Tape & Reel, or Bare Die Waffle Trays / Waffle Packs:
  • Extensive inventory of various open-tooled Carrier Tape pocket sizes.
  • Extensive inventory of various open-tooled Bare Die Tray / Waffle Pack pocket sizes.
  • Black Conductive, Static Dissipative, Anti-Static material composition.
  • Pack options: Ship sawn / diced wafer on foil, wafer on ring frame & tape, film frame, or on expansion grip ring.
  • Optional wafer re-construction for 100% KGD available on foil, ring frame, or expansion ring.