FlipChip International, LLC (FCI) is the world’s premier technology and merchant supplier of advanced Wafer Level Packaging solutions. FCI offers a wide range of leading edge technologies and services for flip chip wafer bumping based on our proprietary Standard Flip Chip and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging processes. With the industry’s broadest range of thin film redistribution, underbump metallurgy and solder alloy options, FCI can provide optimized bumping solutions targeting our customer’s specific reliability and electrical performance requirements. More than 1 million wafers per year are processed with FCI’s family of technologies.
FCI serves over 100 customers through its High Volume Manufacturing facility, R&D Laboratory, Application Development and Design Group, and Die Sales Division located in Phoenix, Arizona. Joint venture partnerships in Asia including FlipChip Millennium Shanghai (FCMS), Unisem-Advanpak Technologies (UAT) in Ipoh, Malaysia; all of which provide our customers with high-quality, high volume manufacturing second sources across our expansive product portfolio and wafer sizes.
In addition to our sputtered film Standard Flip Chip and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging product offerings, FCI offers a full suite of electroplated Cu based options including standard and NANOPillar Cu pillar bumps, electroplated Cu RDL for inductor on chip and high current applications.
With industry leading process and product development expertise coupled with quick time to market and production ramp up capabilities on two continents, FCI continues to provide our customers with flexible, high reliability and high quality Wafer Level Packaging solutions. FCI … Miniaturization through Innovation