Huatian’s Consortium To Acquire Stake In Malaysia's Unisem

Tianshui Huatian Technology Co., Ltd. announced the announcement of No. 2018-031 in Juchao Information, and announced that it has acquired UNISEM, a world-renowned Malaysian semiconductor packaging and testing supplier, for no more than 1.17 billion ringgit (about RMB 2.992 billion)75.72% of outstanding shares.

Unisem was founded on June 19, 1989 and listed on the main board of the Malaysia Stock Exchange on July 30, 1998. It is mainly engaged in semiconductor packaging and testing business, and has packaging technologies and capabilities such as bumping, SiP, FC, MEMS, etc. It offers a variety of packaging services such as lead, leadless, wafer level, MEMS, etc. The package products cover communications, consumer electronics, computers, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields.

Huatian Technology said that through the effective implementation of this offer, the company can further improve the global industrial layout, rapidly expand the scale of the industry, improve and optimize the customer structure, and quickly increase the market share and proportion of the company in Europe and the United States, while effectively Improve the company’s international management level and competitiveness in the international market.